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Phone Love provides you with protection— no matter the manufacturer or model. While under warranty, you can receive a repair or replacement for your phone. Warranties typically cover issues related to device hardware issues caused by failure or defects.



At Phone Love we believe that insurance on your phone is a waste of money. You pay premiums every month and a large deductible when the worst happens. Check out our Blog for ideas to use free coverages you already have but may not know about.

There are some instances where insurance is handy; like when your phone is brand new and gets stolen. The worst would be if you insurance didn’t provide the same phone as a replacement…that’s a total bummer. The worst news is they are not required to replace your phone with the exact model. Even in this case some of the free coverages out there would be better for you. Check out our blog for more info or learn about the Phone Love Broken Hearts Club.

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