A Change of Heart

I’m sad to say that Phone Love won’t be serving our entire community anymore.

Our goal was to give you the best repair experience possible. And based on your feedback, we did it. But there’s a price to pay when you refuse to cut corners. It’s measured in hours.

We made money 2 ways: serving you, and helping local businesses with repair and device buybacks. And we were great at one or the other. So we had to make a hard choice. Either lower our standards, or focus entirely on one service. After a lot of sleepless nights considering the pros and cons, we chose to focus entirely on helping businesses.

That’s where we won’t have to worry about anti-consumer regulations. That’s where we found people that are most enthusiastic to sell “useless” old devices. And that’s where we’ll make the most money.

So from this point, Phone Love will be focused on serving our business & EDU customers exclusively. Both with device repairs and mobile electronics recovery.

It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for your support!

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