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We’ll Help Your Business or Organization With…

Device Buybacks: We’ll buy your end-of-life devices, so you can turn your storage closet into an unexpected resource.

It’s up to you what you’ll do with the money, but many of our clients use it to:

  • Retain millennial employees better by re-investing in newer technology or non-monetary perks.
  • Boost team morale with a killer holiday party or fun team-building events.
  • Be the hero of your office when you tell your boss about the opportunity you discovered.

When you work with Phone Love, you’ll also get access to:

  • Device Repair
  • Lifecycle Management & Consulting
  • Device Wholesaling

We specialize in Apple devices (iPhones, iMacs, iPads), and that’s where we really shine. 

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How to Use “Insider Knowledge” to Trade Your Hassles for Time & Junk for Cash

If you never have enough time…

If you never have enough resources…

If your Portland biz or organization relies on Apple devices…

You’re in luck. Because with just a little “insider knowledge,” you can:

  • Stop wasting up to 125 hours a year (per employee).
  • Trade your “junk” devices for maximum return on investment.

Is Yours a Competitive Advantage, or a Liability?

We see it again and again.

Modern devices give you amazing advantages. But when you rely on them without “insider knowledge” on your side, they inevitably become a liability.

When the tech. you’re relying on fails, it may seem like a minor inconvenience – just a day or two. But at a minimum, it cripples the effectiveness of one employee. Most times it’ll also keep you (or another key player) away from your strategic business objectives.

(Did you know that just 30 minutes of downtime a week adds up to 125 hours a year?)

If you’re lucky, you won’t lose any customers when a “minor inconvenience” keeps you from delivering on your promises.  Or lose any new business opportunities in the process.

And if you’re lucky, what you don’t know won’t hurt you…

But don’t count on it:

A Tualatin pest-control company with 28 employees did everything they could just to meet payroll…

While their telecom provider had them paying $10,080 a year for a service they didn’t even need.

A Washington County school district constantly struggled with budget constraints…

While sitting on “useless” devices that we used to help them put $48,500 back where it belongs – their quarterly budget.

(Note: This result isn’t typical, but it’s useful to understand even large organizations have these issues.)

A local tech-savvy start-up had more leads than they could manage…

While they were so “in the weeds” they couldn’t see they were wasting 130 hours per employee each year – until we showed them how to manage their devices proactively and take back their time.

Unfortunately, what you don’t know can hurt you. And small inconveniences have a way of making big problems.

So what can you do?

Phone a Friend for Free “Insider Knowledge”

You can phone a friend.

A friend who has exactly the type of insider knowledge to help you skip the hassles, skirt the potholes, and skidaddle back to your thing.

A friend who understands your time is short, and that you’d rather spend it on what you’re best at – not standing in line at Apple for 4 hours.

A friend who can help you get more time and resources for what you do best. By doing what we do best.

Let us help you:

  • Uncover your hidden ROI with our device buyback program.
  • Save time, skip hassles, & run a more efficient business with a device lifecycle management plan.
  • Grow a more effective business by keeping employees & key players on your strategic objectives – not putting out fires.

“The Best 5 Minutes You’ll Spend in 2018”

Want to learn more?

Let’s have a quick 5-minute chat. If you’re not interested after that, no hard feelings.

Many Portland businesses consider those 5 minutes among the best investments they made in 2018. But don’t wait – Summer is our busiest season and our availability can’t be guaranteed.

(We have a strict limit of 15 of these calls per week, so we have time to spend with our families and take care of our existing clients.)

So click below to reserve your Free 5-Minute Consultation today.

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iPhone 7

Portland’s Top Rated Repair Store Goes B2B


We had a big problem…

After serving consumers and businesses for over a year, we realized that our time was too divided. When we were meeting our own standards of excellence in helping consumers, we didn’t have the time to do the same for businesses.

And that went against everything we stand for as a company. Cutting corners was never an option.

So we made a hard choice – we chose to focus entirely on serving Portland businesses and organizations.


  • That’s where we can make the biggest impact for our customers.
  • That’s where we make the most money (for you and us).
  • That’s where we can make the biggest impact on the e-waste crisis, and in keeping Oregon green.

How It All Started for Phone Love

Our founder, Brian Engelhard, was heartbroken when his beloved phone took the plunge during an adventurous kayaking trip. Hoping for the best, his friend plugged it into an outlet. There were sparks between them … just not in a good way.

Still owing money on his phone and never one to give up on a relationship, Brian took it in for a fix. He was very put off by repair shops’ dishonesty and prices. He even tried buying a phone with a broken screen and had the same dissatisfactory results.

With more than 30 years in retail, Brian knew there was a better way to put the customer first and fix their beloved phones in an efficient, fast, and honest manner.

Phone Love was founded from a desire to offer customers the education behind the parts, a selection of quality parts to choose from, and the highest level of service for the phones they love. With a commitment to quality and transparency, Phone Love is changing the smartphone repair landscape.

Phone Love is committed to:

• Elevating customer experience and satisfaction in phone repair.
• Ending the constant phone replacement cycle.
• Reducing phone waste.
• Celebrating the benefits smartphones bring to our lives.