Beware of Cheap Cellphone Chargers

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You paid a pretty penny for your iOS device. You try to take good care of it so it will have a nice, long life, and you’re happy when it works well and is charged. So why would you charge your beloved with a cheap cellphone charger?

It may be tempting to pick up a $6.99 charger from an endcap in 7/11, but be forewarned, these “deals” aren’t deals at all. There have been reports of people being seriously hurt using these knockoffs.

Not all off-brand chargers are bad. Modern chargers from reputable companies are fine to use. It’s the Brand X, black or gray market chargers you need to avoid. While you may think to grab one in a pinch when you’re in need, it’s important to understand why this should be avoided.

Don’t go over to the dark side

Recent research found that counterfeit chargers failed all safety tests. You should specifically avoid purchasing chargers from the black market. These are packaged and sold to look like real brands, even Apple, and are found all over, from popular online retailers to convenience stores.

Your cellphone can only take so much of a charging current. Knockoff chargers trick your phone into thinking it’s using a safe current when it’s really not, putting you in danger and your device at a higher probability of shorting out, overheating, catching on fire, or worse. A counterfeit charger could also melt your charging port. These cheap forgeries aren’t built properly or certified by any reputable organization.

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The good guys

As mentioned before, not all third party chargers are bad. Items from actual phone companies should be just fine. To ensure your charger is legit, look for certified third-party accessories that have the MFi logo on their packaging.

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Apple’s iOS 7 and up features a safety warning if your phone is plugged into a sketchy charger, with a message reading, “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.” Pay special attention to those words!

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