Portland Businesses & EDU: Sell Your Bulk Devices & Stop Missing Out on Easy Money

Why an IT-Veteran in a Budget Crisis Didn’t Even Think to Sell His Organization’s “Useless” Devices (Worth $625,000)

At first, it really confused me.

How could so many companies let thousands of dollars go to waste—and not even notice?

  1. If your organization uses Mobile Devices, Tablets, MacBooks, or iMacs…
  2. And you have a storage closet or box filled with unused or end-of-life devices…

You may be a victim in this little mystery.

The good news? Your dusty devices may be worth more than you’d think….

And you can easily stop missing out on thousands in return on investment when you sell them (even if you don’t know how you’d fit it into your schedule).

But first, let’s solve that mystery.

“My old iPhones and devices aren’t that valuable, so I’m not missing out on anything.

If I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard that…

But why would hundreds of successful Portland businesses and organizations choose to miss out on thousands in pure, easy ROI? 

Yeah… it’s that common. So common that even large organizations often have no idea.

Even if they have 12,500 “worthless” iPads in storage…

Which is the exact situation Dave Johnson found himself in. We’d met at a networking meet-up, and Dave shared that he’s the CIO of a local school district, and an IT director of 15 years.

We ended up chatting about budget issues. It won’t surprise you to hear Dave’s district struggles with underfunding. And with rising labor costs, harsh cuts were needed to balance the books.

That meant Dave was constantly sitting in on meetings to hash things out.

He told me you can practically see tension boiling in the room, once the chopping block comes out… because firing teachers, cutting bus routes, and passing on badly needed science and reading materials were the some of the only options available.

Seeing a chance to help, I asked Dave if his district had any unwanted electronics in storage.

Yeah, we have about 12,500 iPads, but they’re old and useless. We’ve had them sitting for 4 years, but recycling is expensive… why do you ask?

Dave was baffled.

Until I worked out the math… and Dave’s confusion turned to gap-jawed shock.

Sure, each iPad isn’t worth much individually – maybe $50 bucks? But when you multiply $50 by 12,500 iPads, you get $625,000.

Even if Dave only sold half his “useless” iPads, that’s a check for $312,500 that he’ll walk into his next meeting with…

And while all the other department heads are busy squabbling about the next budget cuts…

Dave will be sitting there silent — waiting for his turn to speak. With a satisfied grin on his face and a check for $312,250 on his notepad.

How Was a 15-Year IT Director Blind to This Blazingly-Obvious Bonanza—

Because he’s incompetent?

Not likely. Here’s why:

Have you ever bought a car, and then suddenly started noticing the same model all around town? Some things are only obvious once you start focusing on them, and you’ve got more important things to focus on than some old iPads in a closet.

People also tend to think about their company devices as no different from the ones they’ve got at home:

“A couple old phones or iPads isn’t worth much. Not really worth my time.”

True. But when you have 10, 50, 100, 1000+ devices—it adds up fast.

So half the problem was that these accomplished professionals just had no idea how much value was wasting away in storage.

Once I told them about their opportunity to get thousands back from their useless devices, it was like something CLICKED… and they couldn’t explain how they didn’t see it sooner.

Can You Relate?

If you can—you’re located in the Portland area—your organization has a collection of unwanted devices (mobile devices, tablets, iMacs, or MacBooks)…

…and you’d like to sell them so you can:

  • Free up your budget to focus on money-makers, like new equipment or advertising.
  • Smooth out those awful cash flow gaps in your business.
  • Cement your status when you walk into your next meeting with a check—not another cut.
  • Be the hero of the office when you show off the opportunity you discovered.
  • Improve retention of valuable employees by reinvesting your ROI in non-monetary perks like newer tech or team builders.
  • Maximize your recoverable value before depreciation takes any more of your opportunity.

Click below and fill out the form to get a free, no-obligation quote from Phone Love to purchase your unwanted devices.

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Or keep reading to learn more, including:

  • Why I’m so confident you’ll want to work together that I’m willing to give you an unusually strong Guarantee.
  • The 7-Step “Done-For-You” process Phone Love uses to help you maximize your ROI—even if you have no time or resources to spare.
  • 2 mistakes to watch out for when selling business devices. (Getting exploited by #1 will leave you TRAPPED—and furious!)
  • The 2 “Premiums” you’ll get when you work with Phone Love. (Services that have saved Portland businesses tens-of-thousands alone.)
  • 3 reasons why working with Phone Love is 100% Risk-Free.
  • Why you must act fast if you ever plan to sell your devices—and how to maximize your ROI before it’s too late.

Don’t Wait — Depreciation Won’t

Did you already know bulk devices are an often untapped resource?

If you did…

(And you haven’t already contacted me for a free quote.)

…you’ll agree that selling useless devices is a no-brainer. But you’re spinning so many plates—it just hasn’t made sense to prioritize yet.

Totally understandable. But you’re forgetting that technology never stops depreciating – so your options are:

  1. Keep collecting useless devices while they continue to lose value…
  2. Sell devices for their maximum value — before depreciation can snatch away the opportunity.

The only way to guarantee your maximum ROI is to act now. If you wait too long, you could even end up paying to have them disposed or recycled.

Look at it this way: a new car loses 10% of its value in depreciation, the second you drive it off the lot. Depreciation in a car is predictable. You know you’ll lose some value right away, and then it’s mostly wear-and-tear that causes it to lose more value.

Your devices are just like that… but they also lose value unpredictably:

  • When the iPhone 6 was announced, the iPhone 5 lost 14% value every month until the new iPhone was released.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S5 plummeted 15% in value within just couple weeks when the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus came out.

(See below—iPhone 6 was released at month 7.)
Device Depreciation is Unpredictable

Even if a competing device gets released, your devices lose value.


Yep. Every time a new device comes out (or even just gets announced), the old ones lose some of their worth.

Device depreciation is all-but unpredictable because there are dozens of factors involved — including:

  • When your devices lose manufacturer support, they lose value. (Like when Apple discontinued support for the iPhone 5 and 5C in the iOS 11 update.)
  • When carriers stop activating old devices, they become less valuable. (Like in July 2018, when Verizon stopped activating any iPhone before the 6.)
  • And when advancements become the new standard, old devices depreciate. (Like when LTE/4G replaced 3G wireless internet.)

That means delay is death to your asset value. And if you’re not planning on wasting your ROI, doesn’t it make sense to maximize it?

Then act fast. You may delay — but depreciation will not.

“But I’m just too busy to deal with this.”

Alright, so you know that your old devices are valuable.

And you know that the only way to maximize your ROI is to act fast. But either way, you’ve got a whole other problem:

You’ve got no time and a billion things to do.

You’re understaffed or underfunded—and you spend so much dealing with all the issues that pop up—you’re starting to feel like a firefighter.

I wish I didn’t… but I completely understand the feeling. But at least we’re not alone. All the business and schools I work with have the same issue.

66% of small business owners/leaders are personally responsible for 3 or more critical business operations.—Salesforce, 2018 SMB Trends Report

Whether you’re an owner, an operations manager, or a teacher… You’re no stranger to not having enough time or resources.

But what our clients nearly always find is that:

1. Selling old devices is simple, and takes hardly any time investment.

(Especially if you take advantage of our 7-Step “Done-For-You” process.)

2. It only takes a 5-minute phone call to find out how much ROI you’ve been missing out on — and how much you could still recover.

To schedule a Free 5-Minute Consultation, click below and reserve your spot.

Schedule a 5-Minute Consultation

(Free, & No-Obligation. This button goes to an online scheduler.)

I say it can be easy, because there are three ways selling your devices could infuriate you…

Avoiding These Device Sales Mistakes

Mistake #1: The business-as-usual “highball” scheme that device buyback companies use to lure you in—with an AMAZING offer—and then pull the rug out from under you.

Honestly, other companies will offer you more money than we will.

But don’t be fooled. You’ll never see the extra money, and falling for the bait may have you so frustrated you could scream.

This trick is devious—and you’ll never see it coming… Until it’s too late.

Shady car salesmen use the same scheme, but this slimy strategy is even more effective in the Device Buyback industry…

And it’s so common, every time I’ve sold devices (except once), I’ve been hit by this “highball” scam. But let me tell you about Becky Miller’s experience instead:

Becky’s an operations manager for a Tualatin brick & mortar. We met through a mutual friend, and ended up working together. Mainly, she sold unwanted iPads to Phone Love.

A few months later, Becky (wisely) shopped around to see if she could get more money for the iPads. And she easily found a company that promised they’d pay $15 extra per device.

Thrilled about the great deal she’d discovered, she had her team get to work on preparing, packing, and shipping 250 iPads to this new company. They even paid for the shipping — what a steal!

At that point, Becky wouldn’t return my calls. She felt Phone Love had been making unfairly low offers…

Then it happened.

Becky got an email saying the quote they’d already agreed had to be cut by $1125. Since her iPads were custom engraved, a fee of $4.50 was charged for each one…

She couldn’t believe it. Because she’d clearly told them upfront that her iPads were engraved. The quote should’ve already reflected that.

Oh well, stuff happens. No use getting upset over spilled milk…

Until she got another email — and the nickels and dimes kept rolling in.

  • All 250 iPads had “missing chargers or cables.” ($375 fee tacked on.)
  • Some were “broken.” (Recycling fees charged, AND quote reduced.)
  • 47 had “undisclosed dents.” (Price reduced again…)

Now Becky was seeing red. But her iPads were sitting in a warehouse across the country… and her only alternative was to pay $800 to have them shipped back.

The amazing price Becky was promised by this new Device Buyback company was a fake, “highball” offer. They never intended to pay out their original quote because they knew once she shipped her devices, Becky would be trapped.

Becky just wanted to do what was best for her company. But when all was said and done, she got slightly less than Phone Love would’ve offered her… Plus the added “bonus” of a few dozen lost man-hours, and 3-weeks of unbelievable frustration.

In shady car lots, the trick has variations but it works the same. They’ll give you a great deal (like an extra $500 on your trade-in above the Kelly Blue Book value) to get you to commit to buying a car, but before you sign the contract, they’ll claim they made a mistake and won’t be able to honor the original deal. But they know you’ve committed too much to back out now, and you’d feel silly complaining about getting the fair value for your trade-in.

So by all means – shop around and see what’s out there.


Beware of Mistake #1: Falling for sight-unseen offers to buy your devices—especially if you’re asked to mail them somewhere!

Of course, you won’t want to make Mistake #2 either:

Mistake #2: You decide to go it alone.

You could choose to handle everything yourself, on top of all the jobs you’ve already got…

Yeah, you can definitely figure it out. Just like you could figure out how to build your house, fix your plumbing, and do just about everything else yourself, too.

But if you’re reading this, you already know better. You know that focusing on your unique strengths is the best use of your time. And that sometimes it’s much more efficient to outsource things that aren’t your specialty.

To people that know all the nuances, secrets, and pitfalls you can fall into. People whose only job is to be the best in their industry.

When you work together with Device Buyback & mobile device pros, you can prevent a simple, easy (and very profitable) job from turning into a monstrous hassle.

(Like the fiasco that had Becky wanting to tear her hair out.)

And when you pick a partner that can refurbish Apple devices professionally (like Phone Love), you can maximize your return. Because each device is worth more after a little lovin’, and more devices can be sold as functional after some repairs.

Now that you know two of the common pitfalls, selling your bulk devices should be simple. And whether you choose to partner with Phone Love or not — this “insider information” will serve you well.

If you’d like to learn more about why working with us is your best option, read on. But first, here’s a quick recap:

They’re Your Devices, and it’s Your Money

If you’ve made it this far, here’s what I hope you’ve realized about your Device Buyback opportunity:

1. At scale, your businesses old devices are more valuable than you think, and you sell them to recover thousands in ROI.

(But if you’re not planning to waste your ROI, don’t wait. Because technology never stops depreciating—and the only way to guarantee your maximum return is to act fast.)

2. Selling your old devices to recover maximum ROI can be a breeze.

If you don’t tackle it all alone, on top of everything else on your plate…

If you don’t fall for an offer that’s too good to be true, and then get trapped with insane return-shipping costs, and nickel-and-dimed while there’s nothing you can do but take it…

If you partner with an industry pro who’s seen and handled any problem that could come up—so you can quickly and easily recover your money, and maximize your return.

And if you’ve made it this far, I’d like give you a few details about how Phone Love can help you get the most out of your old devices.

Introducing Device Buyback with Phone Love

We’ll buy your useless or end-of-life Apple & mobile devices, so you can:

  • Stop missing out on easy money that has your name on it.
  • Smooth out those awful cash flow gaps in your business.
  • Maximize your profit before unpredictable depreciation takes part of your opportunity.
  • Walk into your next budget meeting with a check—not another cut.
  • Improve retention of valuable employees by re-investing your ROI in non-monetary perks like newer technology or team-building events. (Especially millennials.)

(Never-ending interviews and steep training costs, begone!)

Non-monetary perks will play key roles in the labor market moving forward.
Louisa Waldman, Regional VP, Portland, OR, Robert Half

  • Free up your budget to focus on other avenues, like marketing or CRM software.
  • Simply deal with this growth-economy, harsh Oregon income taxes, strict PTO requirements, steep healthcare costs, and rising wages.
  • Become the “Apple of your manager’s eye” when you show off the opportunity you discovered.

These are just a few of the benefits our clients have enjoyed after working with us.

Your Data is Safe With Us.

You’ll also love being able to relax, knowing your confidential and sensitive data will never see the light of day.

Because Phone Love’s Advanced Data Erasure system doesn’t leave a scrap of data on iOS, Android, or MacOS devices. Once your data is wiped, you’ll get a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Together We’ll Keep the Environment Safe, Too

And one day, your great-great-grandchildren will thank you because you did your part to reduce the global e-waste crisis.

By working with Phone Love, your old devices will be refurbished and re-used – NOT dumped in a landfill, leaching poisons like mercury into our soil and water for future generations to deal with.

Sound good?

If you’d like to sell your devices and maximize your ROI before it depreciates, here’s what the process of working together would look like:

The 100% Risk-Free, “Done-For-You” Phone Love Process

1. First, we’ll set up a time to chat for 5 minutes on the phone (or in person). To see if we can help you, answer any questions, and find out if the business relationship is a good fit for both of us.

2. In our quick chat, I’ll give you a rough estimate of how much money you can expect to recover from your old devices.

3. Then if you want to move forward, we’ll arrange a time to meet and pick up your devices.

4. Back at our facility, we’ll evaluate the condition of each device, and then determine the actual value based on real-time market conditions.

5. Then we’ll report back to you with a final quote.

6. You’re never at any risk. Because if you’re not interested after hearing our final offer, we’ll return your devices to you – no questions asked, no hard feelings, and you’ll never pay a dime.

(But the final offer is usually close to our initial estimate.)

7. If you want to move forward, we’ll cut you a check for your devices. Depending on how many devices you have, the process usually takes less than a week.

Heard enough? Click below to claim your Free 5-Minute Consultation.

I’m Ready to Claim My Free Consultation

Or keep reading, so you can find out:

“Why can’t you tell us the exact value before you see the devices?”

(When “Top Dollar” Turns into “GOTCHA!”)

Nobody can. If they claim otherwise, beware.

Because Device Buyback profit margins are slim. When we make you an offer, we take into account:

  • Your devices’ condition,
  • Its current market value,
  • The labor & parts needed to maximize your value,

And of course your payment.

Even putting those costs aside: can you imagine how fast we’d go out-of-business if we paid higher than market value for devices?

And the only way to know the true market value is to evaluate each device.

So if anyone offers to buy your devices sight-unseen, they’re either crazy (doubtful), or they’re not being honest with you.

Remember the “highball” scam that Becky learned about when she mailed her devices out-of-state to another Device Buyback company?

Yeah… they claimed they’d pay her top dollar sight-unseen. Until she got nickel-and-dimed on every minor scuff and ding… and “top dollar” turned into “GOTCHA!” (And her only choices were “suck it up” or pay $800 to get her devices shipped back.)

We’ll pay you as much as we possibly can because we want to continue to do business with our clients for years to come. So first we’ll give you our best estimate, but the only way to tell you the real value of your devices is to evaluate them.

And with Phone Love, you have no risk, because you’ll never ship your devices anywhere. We’ll pick them up in person to assess them, and if you don’t like our final offer you’re free to decline. We’ll bring back your devices – no questions asked, and no fees charged.

We’re able to do this because we’re Portland locals. Here’s why that’s a great advantage for you:

Phone Love: Proud Members of the Portland Business Community

BNI Logo

91% weekly attendance since March 15th 2016.

Phone Love only serves local businesses and organizations.

We’re proud members of BNI in Tualatin, and the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network because we’re invested in our community for the long run.

We believe “A rising tide lifts all boats,” and that we can all be more successful when we work together to benefit each other and our local community.

That means a few things for you:

  • We’re not interested in short-term profits at your expense, because that’s bad business, and word travels fast.
  • You won’t have to deal with frustratingly-slow communication or hassle with time-zone differences.
  • You’ll get to work with a local company that has your best interests at heart, and we’re happy to meet you face-to-face to solve your problems together.

And of course, you’ll never have to prepare, pack, and ship your devices. Or get locked into anything that you don’t want.

We’ve worked hard to become a trusted and dependable ally to our clients and neighbors. Trust that we earned with two of our distinct competitive advantages…

About the Author, & 2 Key Advantages to Working With Phone Love

Phone Love Founders Brian and Amy

Brian Engelhard founded Phone Love with his wife Amy after seeing tremendous room for improvement in the Apple & mobile-device repair industry.

After serving businesses and consumers for over a year, the Tualatin storefront was soon the best-rated store of its kind on Google.

How? The Phone Love storefront had 2 distinct advantages over the competition:

1. A single-minded focus on giving each customer and client the best outcome possible:

That doesn’t mean we’re perfect… it means doing whatever it takes to turn a one-star experience into a five-star success:

My screen two weeks later is now cracked AGAIN UNDER the screen protector and I didn’t even drop my phone!!!! I am LIVID.
Eleni F., Portland, OR

“Stuff” happens – always will.
What sets Phone Love apart is how we respond when it does.

Brian was quick to get in touch with me and amend the screen problem- and gave me amazing service! Even at 11 at night Brian was emailing me to make a solution. I am thoroughly impressed with this business- I was quick to think I would just be swept under the rug like with other repair shops but this was nothing but. I will be coming back in the future~
Eleni F., Portland, OR (Updated Google Review)

2. Our commitment to doing what’s in your best interest is non-negotiable – even when it’s not easy or convenient:

Every device repair starts with a 34-point checklist to diagnose the problem, and figure out what solution is in the customer’s best interest. Even if they’re not happy about it…

Michael came in with complaints about his iPhone dying throughout the day, and he wanted to buy a new battery. We scanned it and found the battery capacity was over 80% – which meant Michael didn’t need a new battery after all.

We’d seen it a thousand times – Michael was draining his battery through use, and a new battery wouldn’t help him. We told him as much.

But he wasn’t happy. He was convinced his iPhone battery was the issue. But we knew that wasn’t a good solution for Michael, so we refused to sell him a battery he didn’t need.

Because even when it’s not the easy or profitable solution, we’ll never do anything that’s not in the best interest of our clients and customers.

Phone Love is the place to go. They truly love and care about their customers.

Nathan Cook PortlandNathan Cook, Portland, OR - Nathan Cook Coaching, Executive Coach

We do whatever it takes to do good business, and we truly care about your best interest – not our short-term gain. Which is a key reason why Phone Love chose to shift focus to serving only businesses & organizations.

Because Brian noticed something strange about Phone Love’s business clients…

For some reason, they didn’t realize their collection of unused, end-of-life electronic devices weren’t “useless” at all. And telling Portland organizations about their opportunity is—frankly—a lot more satisfying than doing repairs.

Collect Dollars, Not Devices

But now you know.

And we’re here to help you wring every last drop of value out of your old devices.

First, here’s one last quick recap:

1. Phone Love is a proud member of the Portland business community, and we only work with local businesses. We have a long-term focus, and our preferred clients are the ones we can continue to work with for years. So for partially-selfish reasons, we have your best interests at heart.

2. You can rest easy, knowing your confidential and sensitive data will be permanently erased. Our Advanced Data Erasure process makes sure of that, and you’ll get a Certificate of Disposal for your records.

3. You can go to bed at night knowing you’re doing your part to reduce the global e-waste crisis by keeping your old devices in use—not filling up a landfill where they would poison the earth with toxic chemicals.

And if you’ve made it this far, I’d like to offer you the chance to work with us to quickly, easily, and simply sell your old devices and take back your ROI.

But before I get rid of any risk that’s left in my offer, with a very unusual Guarantee… Here are a couple more services that Phone Love’s clients can take advantage of:

Factory-Quality Apple Device Repair

Before we shifted focus to serving businesses only, Phone Love operated a storefront in Tualatin.

A storefront that specialized in Apple & mobile device repairs for businesses and consumers. And by putting our customers first, and never cutting any corners, we eventually became the best-rated repair shop in Portland:

Phone Love Google Reviews

When you work with Phone Love, you’ll also get access to:

  • Apple Device repair—done right the first time using our 34-point Pre- & Post-Repair Checklist.
  • An alternative to relying on sketchy repair shops so you can save time, get reliable repairs, and have peace of mind that “you’ve got a guy for that.”
  • Save thousands each year because your device repair is at cost, or significantly discounted (depending on how many devices your company manages).

Device Lifecycle Management & Consulting

When you work with Phone Love, you’ll also get access to all the secrets and strategies only known to electronic device experts, including:

  • How to use device Lifecycle Management to prevent churn and lost business opportunities when your devices fail.
  • How to plan device replacement cycles to spread out capital expenditures, and recover maximum ROI on each cycle with Device Buybacks.
  • Why AppleCare is a rip-off, and what you can do instead to get the same service for thousands less.

Brian from Phone Love has saved our business serious money! Every time I have a brief chat with him he has insights on how we could save time and cash. Phone Love is an excellent service for companies with multiple smart devices that get phased out every few years for updates. Don’t wait, call Phone Love now!

Matt Eberle TualatinMatt Eberle, Tualatin, OR - The Killers, Operations Mgr.

All our competitors will charge you a hefty fee for the same service, but when you work with Phone Love to sell your old devices, you’ll also get unlimited lifecycle management and consulting – for free.

Our 100% Risk-Reversed Guarantee


If you want to sell your unwanted, bulk devices…

(Devices = Mobile Devices, iPhones, Tablets, iMacs, & MacBooks)

And if you want to maximize your ROI before depreciation takes that choice away from you forever…

Here’s my Guarantee to you:

  1. If you’ve read this (admittedly lengthy) letter…
  2. And you schedule to chat with me for just 5-minutes about your company’s old devices…
  3. And after we talk you honestly feel like I’ve wasted your time — I’ll either pay you $35 or donate $35 to Habitat for Humanity — your choice.

Because while it makes me nervous to risk of being taken advantage of, I’m betting on your integrity as a fellow Portlander. I’m betting on the fact that — even if we don’t end up working together — at the very least you’ll have to admit to picking up a valuable idea or two you can use in your business. So this can’t be a waste of time.

(To redeem the Guarantee, simply schedule your call. Afterwards, if you felt I wasted your time, just email me at info@myphonelove.com and I’ll promptly and courteously honor the Guarantee.)

During Your Free 5-Minute Consult…

I’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have. I’ll give you an initial estimate of your device value, and then you’re free to consult my professional opinion.

Our call can be as short as 5-minutes, or as long as my schedule will permit. But there’s a strict limit of 15 free consults per month.

If you click the button below and there are no times available — it means we’ve exceeded the monthly limit. In that case, click over to the next month and claim your spot before someone else does.

Anyway, it’s up to you. With my Guarantee, you can’t lose by scheduling a Free 5-Minute Consult.

The only way you can lose is if you don’t take action while you still have the chance to get the maximum value from your devices.

So click below to schedule your Free 5-Minute Consultation now.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

A Little More Love for Phone Love

You just know when you’re working with [Phone Love]… you’re going to be taken care of.

Justin Stoddart, Lake Oswego, OR - Old Republic Title, Broker

The process was easy, and the piece of mind is priceless. Highly recommend Phone Love as they will absolutely stand behind their products and services!

Ben Ashley TualatinBen Ashley, Tualatin, OR - Country Financial, Financial Rep.
Matt Eberle TualatinMatt Eberle, Tualatin, OR - The Killers, Operations Mgr.

Completely love the amazing TEAM at Phone Love. Their technical expertise, coupled with a culture that is hinged upon the delivery of exemplary customer care, makes this place the perfect resource. I highly recommend this company.

Ben Kincaid PortlandBen Kincaid, Portland, OR - Complete Threat Preparedness, CEO

These guys are awesome! The service was prompt and informational – not pushy or sales-y. Highly recommend!

Nick Hoogendam TualatinNick Hoogendam, Tualatin, OR - Country Financial, Financial Rep.
Okay, I’m ready to schedule