11 Must-Have Emergency Apps

These 11 essential emergency phone apps, from first aid to GPS locators, will have you feeling more prepared than an Eagle Scout.

It’s well-known that being prepared for an emergency can make a difference. From small injuries to national disasters, everyone should feel equipped and confident in any situation. Keeping your old phones stashed in cars and emergency kits is a good use of former devices. Your phone can become your lifeline and an indispensable asset in case of emergency.

Below are a handful of essential apps to have at the ready whether you need a Band-Aid or serious help.

First aid

First Aid by American Red Cross

Simple to use, this app has easy-to-follow instructions for first-aid emergencies, from helping someone through an asthma attack to assessing broken bones, and more. It also includes tips to prepare for natural and chemical emergencies, and can locate the nearest hospital for you.

The American Red Cross also offers a Pet First Aid app.

Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine

Based on the critically acclaimed “Wilderness Medicine” textbook, this takes first aid to the next level. Consider it a survival guide for anytime, anywhere. It includes guides to identify skin issues, plants, poisonous mushrooms, even insects. The app is very easy to navigate with
“Signs and Symptoms” and “Treatment” sections. It also features supply lists, medicines, and pretty much any topic you could encounter off the beaten path. It’s currently only available for iOS users, and unfortunately totes a $50 price tag.


New to the marketplace, PulsePoint connects those trained in CPR with those in immediate need. Using the app, people are notified if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency that may require CPR. It’s expanding to many cities, and all it takes to bring it to your town (if it’s not there already) is a little community integration.  

These 11 essential emergency phone apps, from first aid to GPS locators, will have you feeling more prepared than an Eagle Scout.

Be prepared


Integrated into iOS phones, the Health app has been redesigned to allow access to your medical information and emergency contacts from the lock screen in case questions arise during an emergency situation. It also gives you the ability to save health records from your providers, such as immunizations and lab results. This app is currently only available for iOS users.

ICE Standard ER 911

One of the most highly recommended emergency contact information apps, ICE Standard allows your health information to be accessed from your lock screen. The In Case of Emergency (ICE) cards provide vital medical information and contact details to first responders and emergency personnel without even unlocking your phone.

Disaster Alert

Used by more than 1.5 million users around the globe, Disaster Alert provides mobile access to early warning and multi-hazard monitoring of global natural disasters. The app relies on real-time data and shows events that may be potentially hazardous.  

Find me

Red Panic Button

A simple press of a button sends an emergency message to set contacts and emergency services, providing details of your location. After locating emergency contacts within the app, an SMS or email message is transmitted immediately.


This GPS-based app sends an SOS with the touch of a button. Instead of contacting loved ones, as above, it immediately sends your location and profile information to 911 and emergency responders.


The real-time, location tracking app connects friends and family with shared GPS data on a private map. The app has the ability to send alerts when a loved one arrives or leaves a location, as well as view past locations. Chock-full of extras, such as crash detection for drivers, it can also track a lost or stolen device.

These 11 essential emergency phone apps, from first aid to GPS locators, will have you feeling more prepared than an Eagle Scout.

Find your way


Exactly what it sounds like, Flashlight is a super bright LED light. It also includes a compass and altimeter as well as a built-in SOS signal, when activated. This app is currently only available for iOS users.

Super Bright LED Flashlight

Similar to the above, this one is, indeed, a super bright LED flashlight. While it does not have a compass, it does feature a strobe mode with adjustable blinking frequency. It is currently only available for Android users.

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