6 Common Ways Cellphones Get Damaged

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You’re not alone out there. At some point, everyone has had a close call to damaging their precious cellphone. Luckily, Phone Love is here to repair any cellphone issue you might encounter.

We won’t judge how your cellphone became broken, but we will give you an honest assessment of the situation, and options on how to best repair it within your budget.

Since 95 percent of Americans own a cellphone, it’s not surprising many of these devices meet an untimely demise. Below are six common ways cellphones become damaged, and what you can do to prevent them from happening to you.

1. Plunging into water

You would think we would have learned by now, but cellphones and water do not mix! Always keep your phone a safe distance from spillable drinks, and if you’re heading to the beach, lake, or pool, stash your cellphone safely in your car or keep it in a waterproof bag.

2. Going through the washing machine

As your laundry piles up to sky-high proportions, make sure your cellphone isn’t hiding among yesterday’s socks and today’s workout wear. Cellphones get damaged by unknowingly being sent through the washing machine. Be sure to check your pockets before tossing today’s duds into the spin cycle!

3. Left on the roof of a car

Putting items in the trunk, buckling in kiddos, helping a pet into the back there are many reasons we plop our phones on the roof of our cars as we’re getting in. Instead of absentmindedly driving away, when you unlock your car, put your phone in first! Even just tossing it on a seat can help you avoid your cellphone taking a joyride.

4. Sat on

When you toss your phone on a seat before you jump in the car, just make sure it’s not the seat you’re about to sit on. Most likely you’ve sat down and quickly popped back up as soon as you’ve felt your cellphone in your back pocket. Before you put butt in chair, do a double-check to make sure your cellphone isn’t about to become your seat warmer.

5. Being thrown

The game was down to the last few seconds. You were in a heated argument over politics. You just tossed it across the room to a friend! Whatever the reason, cellphones can break no matter how far or hard they’re thrown. Instead of taking your emotions out on this very expensive device, find another way to release your emotions. And never “just toss it.”

6. Becoming a chew toy

Mr. Fluffington may be the best pet in the world, but as soon as he chews up your cellphone, he’ll be relegated to the back yard for a bit. Not only is it dangerous for animals to chomp away on electrical parts, it’s not good for your phone, either! Invest in some pet-friendly chew toys for your fur baby and keep that phone well out of his reach.

Whatever ails your cellphone, we are ready to get it back in action in an honest, fast manner. Stop by or connect with us via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.