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iPhone 7


Our main location for device repair is in Portland, Oregon. A city known for celebrating self-expression, we believe you should have a phone that properly helps you achieve this – and the first step towards doing that is ensuring it works!

We offer phone repair services for all models and manufacturers. Without a ton of money coming out of your pocket, whether you’re an Android or Apple user, we can transform your phone for the better in 45 minutes or less. Our laboratory-grade tools and Master Tech certificate holders can help you fall in love with your phone again!

If you need phone repair services, we offer:

  • Microphone replacement
  • Screen repair
  • Camera replacement
  • Data recovery
  • Battery replacement
  • Charge port repair
  • Liquid damage reversal

If you’re looking for services other than device repair, Phone Love provides products for screen protection as well as certified preowned phones. We can also assist you with acquiring a warranty or phone insurance.