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Everything in your phone is repairable. By far and large, the most common heartbreak we face is a cracked screen. We make your phone like new by replacing the shattered front glass on your iPhone 6 starting at just $69.99. The quality of part you choose determines the cost. Our Phone Heroes will share with you the differences in parts, answer your questions to find what best fits your needs, and make your device like new in 30 minutes!

The best part is that Phone Love can cure all kinds of heartbreak over your iPhone or Android — from a damaged front camera to a defective battery or charging port. We can even spread the love by retrieving wedding and honeymoon photos from that phone you took swimming with you.

We also specialize in forensic data recovery from devices!

For others in the repair industry, from the DIYer or small repairs shops to large chains seeking a resource on the West Coast for advanced board-level repair, our phone repair service in Oregon is the ticket!

Phone Love also is equipped with laboratory-grade inspection tools, from a Lynx Evo to the most cutting edge JBC tools, to un-break the hearts of others in the repair industry.

In Store


Our store location is designed with your customer experience in mind. In addition to experienced, friendly Phone Heroes and top-notch service, we also offer a place to kick back and have a beer while you wait.

Phone Love in Store
Phone Love Fiat

Mobile Repair


Drawing on years of experience, Phone Love offers the best possible phone repair service experience.

We service all makes and models of cellular phones and tablets.

  • Experienced Phone Heroes
  • Transparent repair process
  • Competitive rates
  • Parts at a variety of price points to meet your budget
  • Customer-first service

No time to come in? We’ll come to you. Contact us to schedule a mobile visit.