Get Your Phone Summer-Ready

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Summer is finally here; however you choose to spend these long days, it’s never too late to get your cellphone ready for the season.  Sun, sand, saltwater, chlorine, sunscreen, ice cream, even bug spray are just part of summer fun, and no doubt you’ll be capturing all the excitement with your trusty phone.

Here at Phone Love, we’ve seen everything. No matter how many precautions people take, we all encounter phone blunders somewhere down the line. These are our top five tips for making sure your phone is ready for the elements.

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1. Avoid roaming charges

If you’re leaving the country or heading somewhere out of cell tower range, plan ahead to avoid data roaming charges. Check your plan and talk to your provider to understand your options. Some providers offer short-term roaming plans that last for only a month or two at a time.  Ask your carrier about a temporary unlock for international use, then find a prepaid SIM card in the country you’re visiting. Also, remember that using FaceTime and FaceTime audio is free over Wi-Fi.

2. Play now, tag later

Using social media is a fun, fast way to communicate and share your experiences with friends and family. However, avoid announcing to the world “NO ONE IS HOME AT MY HOUSE” by tagging your location after you return. This is a good practice to follow all the time, regardless of the time of year. Burglars are a swift, and shifty, bunch — just ask Kim Kardashian, who was burglarized partially due to her social media updates.

3. Stay in the shade

Direct  sun can wear down a phone and cause temporary loss of the screen display, as well as overheat the device overall. Don’t worry, it’s not permanent. Avoid this completely by keeping your phone in a shady location, under an umbrella or towel, or stashed in a bag.

4. Keep it clean

“Outside all day” is the mantra of many during the summer. That means sunscreen, bug spray, sand, and water everywhere! Keep your phone protected from unnecessary swims and grime by investing in a good phone case. It’s also a smart idea to keep a few plastic sandwich baggies handy to put your phone in if you’re worried about water. A simple, gentle wipe of your phone with a soft cloth  at the end of the day never hurts, either.

5. Accessorize

Great gear and gadgets can turn your summer from fun into fantastic. Water-resistant earbuds let you listen in luxury without having to worry about a few splashes by the pool. A set of cellphone-specific camera lenses can give you a professional edge when capturing fishbowl and panoramic snaps, and a good portable Bluetooth boombox brings the beat with you wherever you are.

If something does happen and you need to fix your cellphone, we’re always here. Swing by our store, and be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know for all things Phone Love.