The Truth About Cellphone Screens

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Most smart device screens are built of three distinct parts: an LCD display, touch-sensitive wires, and a protective glass cover. What’s commonly referred to as the “screen,” is really the outermost glass layer. Like many people, you probably haven’t given a second thought to what your cellphone glass screen is made of. But not all glass screens are created equal.

More than half the world’s population has cracked a smartphone screen. We’ve discussed why repairing a screen is a smart, more cost effective option than defaulting to a new device altogether. But what exactly are you getting when you replace a cellphone screen? Repair shops should offer a range of screen replacements to fit your budget.

Gorilla Glass

Now in its fifth version, Gorilla Glass cellphone glass is manufactured by Corning — the same company known for making unbreakable dishware. Gorilla Glass is lightweight and thin, yet strong and durable, boasting a “safe” drop distance of about five feet. The product is used on more than 5 billion mobile devices worldwide.

Sapphire glass

Sapphire glass screens are made from lab-grown sapphire crystal that’s practically scratch-proof. While this seems like a win-win, it’s fragile and heavier than other options which is why it isn’t standard on factory devices and is slowly phasing out of use for mobile device screens.


Dragontail glass protection is lightweight and very thin. It also has high strength qualities and can withstand high impact. It’s known for directly withstanding scratches and is stronger than conventional glass.

Diamond glass

Slated for release toward the end of 2017, diamond glass is just what it sounds like — a glass screen made from diamonds. Being crafted from one of the strongest materials on Earth, diamond glass will inherently be strong and resistant. It will also help stave off gunk, grime and liquid while also possibly cooling the device due to its semiconductive qualities.

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